From Gigaom: Radar Report for Evaluating Service Mesh

Grey Matter has been identified by Gigaom as an Industry Outperformer in its 2021 Radar Report for Evaluating Service Mesh


Gigaom, the platform democratizing access to strategic and functional engineering-led research, recently released its first Radar report focused on the service mesh market. The August 20, 2021, published report, authored by analysts Ivan McPhee and Chris Grundemann, provides an in-depth review of the major players making up the service mesh technology landscape, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses, measured against key criteria such as technical feature sets, market position, and business impact. 


Grey Matter, the lone boot-strapped service mesh offering to be included in GigaOm’s analysis, is one of only three capabilities to receive Industry Outperformer distinction. The platform also received 14 marks of Exceptional for the platform’s focus and execution across a number of key criteria, including large enterprise positioning, configurability, monitoring & observability, encryption, and security, just to name a few! 

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