Our platform provides the full spectrum insight and control Architects need for tomorrow’s dynamic network environments. Design and implement flexible decentralized service-based solutions backed by comprehensive network insight, security, and connectivity. 

Design with Confidence

OIDC, SPIFFE/SPIRE, and RBAC/ABAC provide robust, adaptive, and dependency-free solutions for establishing, verifying, and flexibly enforcing service identities and access controls across multiple environments.

More Creativity

An unmatched library of EnvoyProxy filters, configurable at every sidecar without developer overhead, opens countless design and implementation possibilities. 

Depth and Awareness

Distributed tracing allows network-wide enforcement with minimal developer overhead. Seamless integration with existing frameworks is backed by a unified view of your deployed architecture and usage patterns for enhanced situational awareness.

Freedom and Flexibility

With support for 5 different service discovery mechanisms, new and existing applications can operate wherever you decide – no platform-dictated design or lock-in.