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We are changing the way the community thinks about the role of cloud-native in enterprise business.




Proudly participating in the OSS community.

We love the Envoy community. We proudly maintain the Go Control Plane with Lyft, and are users and champions of Envoy Proxy.

Our team serves as the maintainers of the OSS Envoy Go Control Plane, a critical piece of the OSS service mesh ecosystem. This is the go-based implementation of a service mesh used by Istio, Kuma, Datadog, Spotify, our platform, and others. Our OSS journey has only just started, so stay tuned as we unleash more powerful capabilities for the service mesh networking space.

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Our developers are highly engaged with the Envoy Proxy, Prometheus, and SPIRE open-source projects,  working to solve some of the most challenging administrative endpoint security and incremental discovery service problems facing these programs today.

We use the Envoy Proxy and the envoy go-control-plane as part of our platform.

Technology is constantly evolving the world around us. Our platform is at the forefront of these changes. Here are some new and important developments.